Hair Butter Cream

Make our Hair Butter Cream a part of your routine. The number 1 complaint of most naturalistas is "dryness." ... We intentionally use ingredients like Shea & Mango butter as well as Coconut oil both to target dryness at its source by moisturizing from the roots to the tips and to prevent dryness.

Ingredients: Shea & Mango Butter, Coconut, Sweet Almond, Avocado, Grapeseed. Hempseed,, & Castor Oils along with hint of Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree & Rosemary Essential Oils

Please Note: Due to the nature of the product, your Hair Butter may melt in transit during the warmer months. To minimize this we ask that you provide a shipping address of a location where the mail is delivered inside. Should your Hair Butter melt, you can use it melted or put it in the refrigerator to solidify. Although it will not regain its original whipped texture, it will maintain its wonderful scent and moisturizing properties. We do not offer exchanges or refunds if the Hair Butter melts.